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Friday, June 22, 2012

"Liam Neeson "Taken 2" (Trailer Released)

‘Taken 2’ trailer released: Liam Neeson still packs a punch, as Albanian kidnappers find out   - NY Daily News

Liam Neeson returns to screen as ex-CIA killer Bryan Mills in "Taken 2."

Rule No. 1 in Albanian thug school should be: Never piss off Liam Neeson
Twentieth Century Fox released the international trailer for “Taken 2” Thursday, quickly proving that in a multiplex dominated by Avengers, Spider-Men and Dark Knights, there’s still plenty of room for the 60-year-old action star.
Neeson returns as former CIA killer Bryan Mills, who was last seen killing just about every Albanian kidnapper in Europe to free his abducted daughter (Maggie Grace). Well, now it seems, their relatives want some payback.

Comment.....Taken is another of my favorite movies...Love a good revenge movie...Never mess with an Ex-CIA killer. I can almost tell you what is going to happen..

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