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Monday, June 11, 2012

Delighted Dog Goes Wild when Airman Returns" Video

Delighted dog goes wild when airman returns | Entertainment - WESH Home

Comment ..........This is my favorite good story of the week and its only Monday...Who says dogs have no feelings?

WESH - A dog had an ecstatic reaction when she woke up and found her airman owner back from a long deployment.
The beagle couldn't contain her excitement, so she jumped into her owner’s arms and kept on yelping as she licked her face.
U.S. Airman Amanda R., who had just returned from a six-month deployment, went inside her home and saw Daisy sleeping in her dog bed.
“Hi, baby!” Amanda greeted her dog. Upon recognizing her, Daisy leaped into her arms and barked excitedly as she licked her face. Amanda tried to calm her dog and tried to hold Daisy close to her, but the happy dog kept yapping and bouncing around her.
“I know, I know. Oh, I love you,” Amanda reassured her pet. Daisy calmed down for a moment when Amanda robbed her ears, but resumed running back and forth.

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