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Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Casey Ordered To Disclose Finances"

Casey Anthony Ordered To Disclose Finances;... | Gather

Tot mom Casey Anthony has been ordered to disclose the source of her money since she's been allegedly searching for property in Costa Rica. She claims to be broke, without a job and has to rely on others to keep her safe from the public eye, so where is she getting all of this money?
In the civil defamation trial filed by the woman she falsely accused of kidnapping her daughter, it appears that the Florida courts are interested in where she's getting her cash as well. In fact, she is being required to disclose every her finances including receipts and bank account statements. She is also required to disclose the information on any "secret" donors she may be getting money from to take care of herself and shop for property.
It also seems that if she doesn't comply or if she is caught being dishonest, she could be jailed for perjury. Knowing that Casey Anthony is a pathological liar, even a convicted liar, it's probably safe to say that she might be teetering right on that dangerous line.

Comment.....Update ...This news seems to be flying around the internet..I don't know how true it is...At the end of the link page there is a petition to have her tried in Federal court for killing her daughter...If it means that much to you sign it...I prefer to wait to see what happens to her like OJ...I don't think she will move away from the good ol United States. Do you?

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