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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This note is to anyone asking me to play a “Game on Facebook“! Thank you for asking but I don’t play online games. In the past computer games were fun and I have almost 5 million of those worthless tokens on Pogo. Now, all these game sites are used to gather personal information on you to sell to someone or to sell you something. I will not be a part of this nonsense. I have a Nintendo DS and I will go to a Game Stop store to buy and trade games in if I need any…Its very inexpensive and much more fun. I prefer to keep a low profile and the less these greedy bastards and morons know about me the better it is…I don’t watch TV programs or news and haven’t in four months (a new record) and as a result I don’t see any of the ads or commercials… Lately the Network internet pages are coming with pop-ups and talking ads…I don’t go to those sites anymore! I delete all the cookies on my computer 5 times a week. I will only buy what I need and only if I need it. To show me a commercial or ad is a waste of your money and my time…. If I do happen to see an ad I will go out of my way to tell people NOT to but the product. In fact I will tell people its bad just create doubt so they won‘t buy it…If something I have is broken or doesn't work I will fix it rather than buy a new one…I could go on and on…I said all this before in past posts…Anyway, thank you for asking but no thank you I don't play games.

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