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Monday, June 18, 2012

"Jenny McCarthy: I Sexted My Son's Dentist"

Jenny McCarthy: I Sexted My Son's Dentist | NBC New York


Jenny McCarthy: I Sexted My Son's Dentist
Jenny McCarthy said she accidentally sexted her son's dentist.

Former Playboy playmate Jenny McCarthy is no stranger to posing nude. But she said she didn't mean to send her latest image to an elderly dentist. 
McCarthy accidentally sexted a naked picture of herself to her son’s nearly 80-year-old male dentist, when she included the scandalous photo in a batch of images of an abscess in her son's mouth. By mistake, she "sexted" him with an image mean for her Bears boyfriend, Brian Urclacher, according to a report.

Comment....I don't know what it is (yeah right) but she has been a favorite of mine for a long time...Ever since she was a host on "Hot Rocks" and of coarse the Playboy thing...She is a very funny lady and being blond and all I can see her messing up those text messages...Wish she would (accidentally) send one to me...

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