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Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Muslims Sue to Stop NYPD Surveillance"

Muslims Sue to Stop NYPD Surveillance - 'We thought this died with McCarthy era'

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says routine surveillance of Muslims is perfectly legal.A group of New Jersey Muslims and organizations are suing the New York City Police Department over its discriminatory and "unconstitutional" practice of monitoring law-abiding Muslims, they're charging in a federal lawsuit. “The facts are just so compelling, what the NYPD is doing is egregious," said Glenn Katon, legal director of Muslim Advocates, which is representing the plaintiffs. The AP earlier this year revealed a secret operation in which New York police were monitoring Muslims outside mosques and religious schools, and at student meetings in New York and New Jersey. Investigators have taken down license plate numbers of cars parked at mosques, and noted patrons in shops that cater to Muslims.

Comment.......I seen this the other day and I have been thinking about it...What should be done is, if its at all possible is for the the good Muslims to turn in all the bad Muslims. It just makes sense doesn't it? Would someone tell these people? You could build a giant Mosque for the bad Muslims then the good ones will be by themselves. Are there two Korans? One for the good Muslims and one for the bad ones. Are there two Allah's? A good one and a bad one? Why don't these people get together and have one good Allah? This is all much to complicated for me...I think today I'm gonna thank my God for not making it hard for me to decide who is good and who is bad...

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