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Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Meriden Conn. Clerk Killed"

Meriden clerk killed after handing over money during robbery - WFSB Channel 3

MERIDEN, CT  Meriden police are investigating a deadly overnight robbery that occurred at the EZ Mart on East Main Street.
Police responded scene early Wednesday morning after receiving word about the robbery gone bad that left the well-liked clerk dead.
A witness inside the store at the time of the robbery told police a man entered the store brandishing a handgun and demanded money. 
The clerk then complied with the killers demands and handed over the cash, but he was then shot in the chest before the suspect ran out of the store.
"I don't understand," said John Dudzik, of Meriden. "He was a very nice man. Somebody robs you, gives him the money, get out. You don't kill him!"
Police are not saying if the witness was another employee or a customer, and if that person was hiding or was in plain sight.
Meriden police said the clerk was transported to Midstate Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Comment .....There is something very disturbing about this. I had to post this morons picture..

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