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Monday, April 23, 2012

"Jennifer Hudson Takes the Stand"

Hudson Trial Blog: Jennifer Hudson takes the stand -
Comment .......From American Idol to this.....

Actress Jennifer Hudson has taken the witness stand in the killings of her mother, brother and nephew.Dressed all in black with her hair pulled back, Hudson spoke in a soft voice and had to be told by the judge to speak up at one point.
She began to cry softly as she spoke about her family, especially nephew Julian, who was 7 when he was fatally shot.
"It was always me and my Tugga Bear. That's what I called him," she said of her nephew.
Hudson said she was extremely close with her mother, keeping in touch with her daily, and became worried when she awoke on Oct. 24, 2008, and hadn't heard from her mother yet.
Her voice cracked and she cried as she recounted how she had warned her sister, Julia, about William Balfour, who is on trial in the triple homicide.

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