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Monday, April 2, 2012

"Deprogramming Myself"

I guess you’d say I’m out of the loop or not in the loop,,, However people say that. Its becoming nice to only know things that I choose to know…I chose watch the monologue of SNL last night with Katy Perry. It was a repeat of a past Christmas show…I mean who wouldn’t watch that? She fits right in with all those wonderful entertainers…My anger or grouchiness has subsided somewhat. Someone said to me the other day, “boy you are cranky“…I like that one the best.. Its been eight days so-far and I have seen no news with crazy people or insane commercials and I feel much better today…My intentions are the same, no news, no shows. I will watch all the new shows by way of the “other media” commercial free. I will only watch the news I choose to watch by way of EM alerts. As I continue with my new TV rules and deprogramming myself. I have decided to only watch Red Sox baseball and Pro Football when its on…I will follow the Red Sox only if I think they can make it to the playoffs. Good luck guys…I know this is far into future but it will be the same for the Giants…Only if I think they can make to the play-offs… The thing here is to not automatically turn on the TV. Its to turn it on to see something I want to see and if its not on turn it off. To start doing something like this, I think its very important to flush your brain and not watch anything for seven days. Sort of get out of the habit of just turning on the TV just for the noise. Its exactly what the Bastards want you to do…. After that its when you are done watching what you want…Turn it off….Don’t let them brainwash or program you again. I plan to continue this rebellion against TV (deprogramming) so stay tuned

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