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Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Flood of Anti-Depressants Keeps Today’s GIs Fighting"

Flood of Anti-Depressants Keeps Today’s GIs Fighting | American Free Press
Perpetual warfare has taken its toll on the young American service men and women the U.S. enlists to maintain its global empire. According to figures recently disclosed by the U.S. Army surgeon general to L.A Times “more than 110,000 active-duty Army troops last year were taking prescribed antidepressants, narcotics, sedatives, antipsychotics and anti-anxiety drugs. Nearly 8% of the active duty Army is now on sedatives and more than 6% is on antidepressants—an eightfold increase.”
Comment....We all assume now that when these poor guys come home everything will all well and good. Well, I'm sorry to say its never going to happen...How many will return home addicted? As my mind is going around and around like the loader circle on your computer. I am thinking about how many suicides will we have? Last night alone, among a group of my most trusted friends, suicide was talked about 5 times..Five people committed suicide in the past year. One just last week...The future does not look to bright for the guys that are protecting us from the monsters over in those God-forsaken places...


C.Marie said...

Anti - depressants, are evil, they are very addictive, they do NOT make you feel better. If anything they make the problem worse. I was on them so I can say this from a place of experience. They not only made me more suicidal, they made the depression worse. The experts, while being told this by me just kept upping the doses and adding more drugs to the mix. Until it started to erase memories of who I was, people I knew and where I was. There are still things I have trouble remembering even though i have been off them for a few years. Years that are just blacked out, people that I have no memory of, that I should remember. These "wonder drugs" to keep us complacent... put one in a quiet place of silent fear that you cannot get out of. Until you break.

This is PTSD.

In all it's glory.

They used to call it Shell Shock. They had many names for it through the years. Now it has come down to four,capital, letters. It covers Military and civilians alike that have gone through trama of varying degrees that the mind cannot handle.

This does not make us weak individuals, although many see us as that. The mentally ill, the crazies, the wackos or as Dr.Phil put so it *well* the other week, the monsters. Yes please note I mean that as sarcasm. ^

I have been inpatient on a Psych ward. The inmates truly are saner then the staff. I have been at the VA with our Hero's and talked with them, held their hands, thanked them.... Vietnam Vet through the current war and you know what is exactly the same across the board with Psych issues? The lost and saw their brothers/sisters in arms get blown to bits when they were basically children themselves.

They cannot process this information. Why am I still here? I killed people. Why did I get saved?
Over and over I have heard this.

Do not get me wrong. I love and support with every fiber of my being our Armed Forces and Veterans. But, they do not get the services that they need, they have to jump through too many hoops unless there is a political photo op in it. There are times yes they do need to help themselves. Or that they just do not want help, I see that a lot. But too many are homeless. Moneyless. This should not be in this country.

I guess I am just fed up.

Larry Ferrari said...

I worked in a psych hospital for a while..I've seen first hand the results of addiction to many different things..I've saved many but lost a few...Its like I know what is going to happen and help all I can to this day..Thank you for commenting..Bless you and I really mean that..