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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Exclusive: Secret Service Bragged About Protecting Obama"

Exclusive: Secret Service Bragged About Protecting Obama While Partying At Colombian Brothel - Yahoo! News

    Exclusive: Secret Service Bragged About Protecting Obama While Partying At Colombian Brothel (ABC News)CARTAGENA, Colombia - ABC News has learned exclusively that the Secret Service officials accused of misconduct in Colombia revealed their identities by boasting at a Cartagena brothel that they worked for President Obama.
     Partying at the Pley club Wednesday night, eleven members of the president's advance team allegedly bragged "we work for Obama" and "we're here to protect him. The officials spent the night throwing back expensive whiskey and enlisting the services of the club's prostitutes, according to a bouncer at the club and a police source.

    Comment......I don't want to believe this happened because when I worked for the Government we would never do these things..Believe me, there are dedicated men and woman that take their job seriously. It was an honor for me to be in the position I was in. I like to believe I was chosen because of my experience and the fact you could trust me...When I took that oath I had tears in my eyes. I was doing something not everybody could do...These few morons and their Boss, believe me have ruined their lives. It happened on Director Sullivan's watch, the blame starts there! I mean where was the supervision? They were given a position of trust and threw it all away. My job wasn't even close to what they were doing but I know a lot of guys that put their lives on the line. I can only say they must have have lowered the standards..These days with all the freaks trying to do harm to the people in this country and around the world its not the brightest thing to do. When things like this happen it usually means they weren't supervised very well. Maybe what they did was a reflection of what their Boss or immediate supervisor would do. Is this a reflection of what the administration would do? I know that if you run a tight ship the job will get done without problems. They can spin this anyway they want but this is one of worst things that could have happened....And in Columbia no less the Drug center of the world...Kind of tells you something doesn't it. Read between the lines....



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