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Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Television Withdrawls"

If you remember, I said I was going to stop watching television and those brain washing ads and commercials. It was more of a commitment than anything else. For those of you that don’t what that is…A commitment is saying you are going to do something then actually doing it…Well, its been 7 days and I haven’t turned on my TV…Not for a minute not for a second…In fact I don’t even know if it still works…The bottom line here I have been commercial free for 7 days…Seven days of no morons trying to beg, trick or tell me I need something I don’t want nor would I even consider buying. Here is what is going on now and I kid you not…I think I am having withdrawals from not watching…This includes a slight anger over nothing and my mind telling me its OK to watch for a little while. However, I don‘t!  I will not subject myself to insanity of the news today or even the weather…OK, here is my alternative…My hand held computer (phone) for the weather if I need it…Living a mile away from the ocean its necessary. I see all the TV shows and movies, I mean (all) the shows new or old commercial free! Guess where? This anger thing that is going on will pass and soon I won’t even think about the hot weather or traffic girl. The Bastards will do anything to get you to watch! You have heard of a target audience haven’t you? Well I’m not a target or a consumer and if I choose to be a customer I will.  I have no interest in who kills their wife, Grandmother or kids, no interest in the basketball and their highly overpaid coaches. No interest in what is on sale…Actually they just jack up the prices 50% then give the morons a 25% discount. I'm surprised you don’t know that…My theory is that if I don’t know what is going on, it won’t bother me…Now I choose, what I watch, when I watch it and how I watch it. Yes, I post my Blog with news that I choose by getting alerts to certain new or on going stories or people that I consider interesting. I will not allow them to poison my mind with the insane things they want show me…See what I mean, there is a little anger between those lines? Please bare with me, it will pass.

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