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Monday, April 2, 2012

"NBC - Prosecutors Want JetBlue Pilot Held Without Bond York"

Prosecutors Want JetBlue Pilot Held Without Bond | NBC New York

 A JetBlue pilot charged with disrupting a flight after he left the cockpit screaming about religion and terrorists should remain in federal custody without bond, prosecutors told a judge Monday.
Clayton Osbon smiled at his wife and JetBlue employees who watched his first federal court appearance from the gallery, but did not speak other than to tell the judge he understood his rights and the charges against him.
Osbon, 49, was not asked to enter a plea during the 10-minute hearing. U.S. Magistrate Judge Clinton E. Averitte is expected to rule on the bond issue at a detention hearing scheduled for Thursday.

Comment.....Obviously something is bothering this poor guy...What about his background?..Most of these guys are ex-fighter pilots..I knew a few in my day...Some flew on a wing and prayer but most were level headed and very smart...Good luck to this guy. God bless.. I hope he gets the help he needs and this turns out OK for him...

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