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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Students expelled from Glastonbury Connecticut High School"

Students expelled from Glastonbury High School - WFSB Channel 3

 Glastonbury officials said they have expelled 11 high school students after discovering they were involved in selling and buying marijuana or prescription drugs.
Police said there is now an open investigation related to the matter at the high school and they do expect arrests.
"I think it doesn't matter where you live," said Glastonbury resident Patricia Kronk. "It's always available. It's not something that people live in the suburbs are immune to."

Comment....A few years ago this type of thing would be unheard of in this affluent little community in central Connecticut...My thought was these kids must be from Hartford or another city near Glastonbury....Eleven kids expelled from High School...I'll bet these parents will feel really good going to work while leaving their drug dealer children home to play video games, watch TV and send text messages.....Which parents will sue the school system to get their kids back in school because they don't believe the school? How many of these are single parents and will wonder what went wrong..Where are they going to go to school now? Maybe they will get a job? I wonder where? This summer when they apply at Burger King or McDonald's will they put on their job application, kicked out of High School for dealing Drugs? How about the College application....Yes, Dean I am a drug dealer and was booted out of High School... Please let me go to College here...OK, kids. From this point on your future doesn't look to bright.  Yes, there is a name for this kind of behavior and its called consequences...

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