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Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Dubai follows FBI’s lead by monitoring social media 24-7"

Dubai follows FBI’s lead by monitoring social media 24-7 - Computer Business Review
Dubai Police are now monitoring Twitter and Facebook around the clock to catch anyone who criticises the UAE. The Dubai Chief of Police has pushed for legal action against those on Twitter who criticise the UAE (United Arab Emirates), following the lead of countries such as the US in tracking dissidents.Lt General Dahi said, "We aim to clean Twitter's space from any abuse. We want to make it a social networking medium and not a tool to create disharmony and disintegration. Our country's security and safety is a top priority. We will do whatever it costs to protect our country against any attack or abuse,"

Comment....OMG Does this mean I can't say Dubai was built by American Gas dollars. That American's bought and paid for that city in the desert by purchasing over priced gas for their cars so they could go to work and feed their families..Can I still say that this Greedy country, city or whatever it is, is responsible for the condition of this country and hurting American families. Can say that heating oil in America because of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is so expensive that families in America live in the cold...Can I dare to say that Obama's Arab friends are gouging the American Citizens with high gas prices to build something totally unnecessary. There is so much more I could say about these greedy Bastards but its a waste of time...

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