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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Written On June 4th 2009"

2009 - I seen the price of gas in some places is $2.73 a gallon in Connecticut. The prices have been going up each day for 2 or 3 months. Here we go again. Keep in mind I said a while ago “The stability of our economy depends on the price of gas staying at about $1.97 to $2.20 a gallon“…If the price of gas continues to rise the real trouble will begin soon…Meanwhile Obama is at the horse ranch in Arabia bought with American dollars from people who can barely afford to feed their kids.

Comment.....Written and published on Live Journal almost 3 years ago by me! What is going on? Look at what has happened since Obama became our "President"? I never thought I'd ever say and I almost can't believe I want to say Bush was a Saint compared to the guy who won't set limits and does absolutely nothing. Am I the only one that knew what was going to happen? Isn't there someone left in Washington with a brain?  

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