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Friday, July 27, 2012

"Bachmann’s Huma Abedin Muslim Claim 'Morally Wrong"

Former FBI Chief: Bachmann’s Muslim Claim 'Morally Wrong'

 Rep. Michele Bachmann’s claim that Huma Abedin an aid to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could be connected to the Muslim Brotherhood is “morally wrong” and undermines the war on terror, former FBI Director William Webster tells Newsmax.

Because several living or deceased family members of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, have connections to the Muslim Brotherhood or its operatives, Bachmann and four other Republican House members asked the departments of Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security and the State Department to investigate whether the U.S. government is being infiltrated by Muslim extremists.
A Muslim, Abedin is married to former Rep. Anthony Weiner, who is Jewish and strongly pro-Israel. She is well-liked and admired by Republicans and Democrats alike in Washington.

 Comment...I'm sure you all remember Ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner? The guy who was in the lime light because of his "privates" text messages" No pun intended.. Is his wife connected to the "Brotherhood?" In this day and age its better to be safe than sorry. I think if only for the sake of honesty and integrity Hillery should distance herself from Huma or at least let her be questioned by the CIA with lie detectors. I mean some of her relatives are extremists...

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