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Thursday, July 26, 2012

"The Grey Zone (2001) - IMDb"

The Grey Zone (2001) - IMDb

The Grey Zone Poster

 The true story of Dr. Miklos Nyiszli, a Hungarian Jew chosen by Josef Mengele to be the head pathologist at Auschwitz. Nyiszli was one of Auschwitz's Sonderkommandos - Special Squads of Jewish prisoners placed by the Nazis in the excruciating moral dilemma of helping to exterminate fellow Jews in exchange for a few more months of life. Together, the Sonderkommandos struggled to organize the only armed revolt that would ever take place at Auschwitz. As the rebellion is about to commence, a group from the unit discovers a 14-year-old girl who has miraculously survived a gassing. A catalyst for their desperate attempt at personal redemption, the men become obsessed with saving this one child, even if doing so endangers the uprising which could save thousands. To what terrible lengths are we willing to go to save our own lives, and what in turn would we sacrifice to save the lives of others?  Written by Sujit R. Varma

Comment.......I seen "Schindler's List" and thought it was graphic..."The Gray Zone" not only has a great cast but its hard to explain how you will feel watching this. You know its a true story, you just won't want to believe it. We all like to think we know what happened at Auschwitz and I don't care who you are we all have this denial about what they did to these people. We don't like to think humans could do these these things to other humans. Things so horrible that your mind won't let you process the insanity of what really happened. If you decide to watch this movie you will feel the hate the Germans had for the Jewish people..Its easy to follow. Its a step by step process of cruelty and death. The actors are good, so good that you will experience the fear. You will not understand why or how someone could do these things to innocent people...

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