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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Don't you love the word "Idiosyncrasy"? The way it just rolls off your tongue. I have a few of those things and one of my favorites is that I remove all the labels from the products I buy. I can't help it. Containers come specifically designed so you can't help but to know what is in the bottle. I leave the Dawn dish liquid on the counter behind the sink. Its not like you don't know what is in the bottle so I take off the label. I do the same thing with the hand cleaner. In fact I put it in its own special green bottle. Likewise with the hand lotion and the Windex. Pert shampoo for men is self explanatory..Label gone. CD and lens cleaner done automatically or put into a label free bottle. "Label Free, don't you love that?"  Dove body wash same thing. You can tell what it is because it has all those little blue dots. I won't buy anything else...Its the advertising. I don't need a label telling me over and over again what I use. Any of the stuff I use, I have been using for years..It will never change. If I can't get the label off I'll put the stuff in a different recognizable bottle...I realize that I paid for that container as part of the price for the stuff that's in the bottle but its my container and I'll do what I want with it.. Oh, and I save glass containers to put stuff in but that's an other idiosyncrasy for another day....

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