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Friday, July 13, 2012

"Margaret, Inside The "Fall" Of A Teenager"

'Margaret:' Inside The 'Fall' Of A Teenager | WBUR & NPR

In Margaret, Lisa (Anna Paquin) distracts a bus driver, which leads to an accident in which a pedestrian is run over and dies. - In

Kenneth Lonergan's critically acclaimed film Margaret was completed in 2006, but because of several lawsuits, it wasn't released until last year.
Called "nothing short of a masterwork" by The New Yorker, the film stars Anna Paquin as Lisa, a Manhattan teenager who tries to make sense of a bus accident she may have caused — one that resulted in a woman's death. Lonergan tells Terry Gross that he wrote the film because he was interested in how teenagers transition into an adult world.
"I've wanted to do a story about someone whose door opens to a much larger, more frightening, more difficult world — and how she deals with it, especially someone with a great lack of experience in worldly things," he says. "It's basically someone who's well trained in high school, dealing with something and a whole slew of consequences of things that happen in the adult world."

Comment.......This is the story of Margaret, played by Anna Paquin, a 17 year old High School student living in New York with her mother and young brother. While talking to her father on the phone he asks her to visit him in California. They talk about doing some horseback riding while she is there so one day Margaret sets out in the city to buy a cowboy hat at a store in Manhattan. This touches off a series of events and an emotional roller coaster ride when she tries to talk to a bus driver who happens to be wearing a cowboy hat. Its a story of honesty and telling the truth and how one lie can change the coarse of events in a world when being a very intelligent but confused and sexually frustrated teenager is hard enough to cope with.. I watched this movie last night and I had to post this..It has a great cast including Matt Damon, Mark Ruffalo and Mathew Broderick of Ferris Bueller fame...Check the link below for the credits.... Don't miss this one...   


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