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Friday, July 6, 2012

"Three Children Killed When Boat Capsizes in Long Island Sound"

Three children killed after boat capsizes in Long Island Sound - WFSB Channel 3

Three children were killed after the boat they were on in the Long Island Sound capsized Wednesday night.
The U.S. Coast Guard out of New Haven said it received a report around 11 p.m. Wednesday that a 36-foot Silverton motor yacht had capsized off the coast of Oyster Bay, NY, carrying 27 people.
Coast Guard rescue teams from Eatons Neck, assisted by local law enforcement agencies, fire departments and owners of private boats, pulled people from the water.
Police identified the three children that were killed as:
  • David Aurelino, 12
  • Harley Treanor, 11
  • Victoria Gaines, 8
All three children were recovered from the boat's cabin and all lived in Suffolk County, NY, according to police.
Officials said several of the boat's occupants were not wearing life vests.

Comment....In order to register ( Its that number on the bow ) or even own a boat in Connecticut or New York you need what they call a Safe Boating Certificate. Its like a license. To get this you need to take a written test. Its a one time thing and you have that certificate for life. Its really a plastic card you need to carry with you all the time. When I had my boats, the Coast Guard checked my boat periodically when I was out on the water.. Mostly for the life jackets and flares. You need enough jackets for the amount of passengers on the boat at the time. I loved going out on Long Island Sound. It was one of my favorite places to go and watch the fireworks on the fourth of July. Even my dog had a vest. He wore it all the time when out on the water. Its so dark out on the Sound at night if someone fell overboard without a life vest by the time you found out and turned around to find them it would be too late. Looking for the Lobster traps at night is a whole other story. It was almost impossible to see them in that pitch dark.
    It is mandatory, "No ifs ands or buts" for all the passengers on the boat that was swamped that night by the (wave?) to be wearing a vest. 27 passengers means 27 vests. Its common sense especially for those young kids to be wearing a life jacket. Especially at night. Its too late now to know what the real story was. The guy that was piloting that 36 foot Silverton (pictured above) was fully responsible for those kids.. He failed to do that....


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