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Friday, July 20, 2012

"Ex-CIA Agent Said, Osama Bin Laden Died Five Years Ago"

Former CIA Agent Publicly States: Osama bin Laden Died Five Years Ago - Salem-News.Com

 (SALEM / TEHRAN) - Long before the dramatic "killing" of Usama bin Laden by U.S. Navy SEAL's in Pakistan, I wrote about the impossibility of the man being alive.
First and foremost, and this is common knowledge; he was suffering from kidney failure and required dialysis treatments to stay alive. This complicated medical procedure, we are supposed to believe, according to the Obama account, had been taking place in a cave and then this house in Pakistan, while the man had an extraordinary price tag of $25 million U.S. on his head in a poverty ridden and diverse country.

Comment.......I thought at first, who really cares? Now I'm thinking could it be the administration looking for a boost in popularity. Hey, I really don't know. I'll put it out there to see what you think...I don't trust any of them...It could be the ex agent with an ax to grind...You never know in this sick world.... 

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