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Monday, July 30, 2012

"The Blogosphere"

I’ve had some people say that I am “Intense”. I’ve even had someone say “Its because of people like you that," and so on and so forth. Well, thank you I am honored to be called those things. Yes, I agree that times I can be very blunt and sometimes unintentionally hurtful but you must admit the truth does hurt sometimes. At times I exaggerate or "stretch the truth" but no matter how it comes out its still the truth. I comment on the, “what ifs“...Well, good or bad what if I and writers like myself didn’t say what we say or write what we write? What if we all sat around with our heads in the sand doing nothing? Somehow I can’t imagine not doing or saying anything. Some of us Blog because we don’t want the bad guys to get away with anything. No, I don’t want to be a celebrity or famous. I’m not the best writer in the world and I don’t command the greatest use of punctuation and the English Language. I was a “C” English student in High School. I did take courses in English Composition in College where I was a “B” student. I have been known to use unusual words from the past and writing about the future. Some of my predictions actually have happened. I have been known to write about solutions, some very extreme but sooner or later will need to happen. They are only putting off the inevitable. I have also been known to invent a word or two. Its like we writers put up a wall of words between us and them. We bring to light, the miss deeds of the “Want to be thieves” in Washington and the corrupt leaders from around the world. I report on what I think the real reasons are for things happening. I can honestly say that at long last I am the proud member of the Blogosphere…

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