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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Dexter' Season 7 Sneak Peek Is The Ultimate Tease" (VIDEO)

'Dexter' Season 7 Sneak Peek Is The Ultimate Tease (VIDEO)

Dexter Season 7 Sneak Peek
"Dexter" Season 7 sneak peek.
Showtime has released a new "Dexter" Season 7 sneak peek that redefines the term "teaser trailer."
The 15-second promo begins with explanatory text saying, "The following is exclusive never before seen footage from the upcoming season of 'Dexter,'" before playing three seconds of a super-fast motion slideshow featuring clips and images from Season 7. You're welcome indeed, Showtime.
Using the naked eye, It's nearly impossible to decipher what any of the new footage actually is. TVLine very helpfully put together a gallery of every image in the teaser the highlights of which appear to be Deb doubled over on the side of the road and Dexter doing something creepy to his tongue.

Comment....Another one of my favorites...

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