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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CSM - "Where is Jesse Jackson Jr.?"

Where is Jesse Jackson Jr.? As absence lengthens, pressure mounts. -

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., (D) of Illinois, his wife Sandi, and their children Jessica and Jesse III thank supporters after his primary election win over challenger Debbie Halvorson in Illinois' 2nd District earlier this year.

The question is now in its sixth week after the Illinois congressman disappeared from the public eye due to what his office is calling a “mood disorder.”The diagnosis was released by his office only last week. The delay in diagnosis, and his office's refusal to provide any additional details such as who is treating him, has increased the political pressure on Jackson at a time he was already facing legal challenges as a result of House Ethics Committee Investigation....

Comment ....Is he in hiding? Is he still getting paid? Is he on sick leave? Has he even been on the job long enough to accumulate enough time to get paid for this disappearance? Has he done this in the past? Does he have a history of Mood disorder? Someone mentioned Alcoholism and Rehab? Did anyone notice if he was drinking or using drugs? Did he mention this before he was elected? What does Dad say about all this? You try this on your job! You would be out on the street in a day...I just know this Honest Illinois politician and his staff members will come up with some lame excuse...

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