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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Marijuana and Cigarettes"

 This is the expanded version of a response to someone who sent me a Facebook message after I made this comment on a local newspaper page showing me statistics and numbers about other country's that condone medical marijuana...Sorry but I get a little upset when people with no brains try to bullshit me....

Yes, its common knowledge and common sense that tells me if I smoke cigarettes or marijuana the noxious fumes and chemicals will shorten my life span…The human lungs were designed to breath normal air. Not the poisonous fumes and chemicals that come from marijuana or cigarettes. I don’t need statistics and numbers to tell me that. Why do I need to get high by smoking marijuana? I like myself and I love life and everything about it...Why do you need to suck this cancer into your lungs? For pain? That’s as good excuse as any. Take an aspirin you moron...When you are 60. If you live that long? You will be the smelly, pale old man with emphysema holding on to a green oxygen tank riding around Walmart on that electric handicap cart spending your welfare check. Any Politician that would vote to make this poison legal does not care about you or the young people that will someday smoke this garbage. Those officials like our Governor from Connecticut are corrupt and not saying why they would vote to let this happen but I know its always about the money. Somewhere along the line its self interest that motivates these Bastards. And the comment about other country's?  I don’t care what goes on in other countries they can all smoke themselves to death or blow themselves up! This is America! My Grandkids live here and I don’t want them turning into drug addicts like you or people like you….

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