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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Navy Radio System Might Be Crippling Remote Garage Door Openers "

Navy radio system might be crippling garage door openers in part of Connecticut - The Washington Post

HARTFORD, Conn. — A radio signal being transmitted out of the submarine base in Groton Connecticut is likely behind reports of garage doors failing to open and close in southeastern Connecticut, the U.S. Navy said Monday. The signal is part of the Enterprise Land Mobile Radio system, which is used by the military to coordinate responses with civil emergency workers, said Chris Zendan, a spokesman for submarine base in Groton.
The problem, first reported by The Day of New London, is that the same frequency is used at very low levels by the manufacturers of garage door openers. The signals from remote controls to open or close the doors are blocked by the signal from the base.

 Overhead Door Co. of Norwich Inc. told the newspaper it has been receiving complaints from several towns near the base and has found no problem with its equipment. The Associated Press left messages with the company Monday.

Comment.....There are so many errant TV, radio and cell phone signals in the atmosphere these days, the Navy with their Millions of dollars worth of technology will make their system work and a few garage door openers will not deter them. They don't care, they will ignore these issues and continue doing what they are doing under the guise of National Security. Fighting the Navy on this issue is hopeless. The Overhead door company will eventually have to change the frequency on their system.

My concern is the Sonar on the Submarines interfering with the Whale and Dolphin sonar causing confusion and making those sea creatures beach themselves on shore. The Navy always denies this and I even think has done something to prevent from happening too often all though it will still happen from time to time. Its always suspicious when 20 or 30 of these sea creatures beach themselves around here, near the Subase in Groton Connecticut...     

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