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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Video Released of Woman Abandoning Child at Walmart"

Video released of woman abandoning child at Walmart | Local News - WESH Home

Allison and Laura Niemeyer
OCALA, Fla. -
A toddler was abandoned Saturday when its mother and aunt fled the store they are accused of stealing from, police said.Allison and Laura Niemeyerare are accused of leaving a toddler behind after they shop-lifted from a Walmart.
Investigators said Allison Niemeyer, the child's mother, and her sister Laura Niemeyer stuffed Walmart merchandise into the child's diaper bag.

The video shows a security guard trying to stop the two women and one of them, whom police identified as Allison Niemeyer, running away through the parking lot.
The guard struggles with the other woman, who police identified as Laura Niemeyer, who tries to pull the child out of the store, but she also runs away.
"We work a lot of strange cases as police officers, none really as bad as this. Certainly it's very rare for parents to abandon their children," said Ocala police spokesman Chas Maier.

Comment..... There is someone selling something for 10 seconds before the Video starts. I'm sorry about that, please ignore whatever it is....I mute those things. I don't usually post things like this because morons like this are a dime a dozen. These two left that kid in the exit and ran to the car thinking they wouldn't get caught...This being on the internet will be seen by millions and maybe shown to this little kid when he or she gets bigger. How would you like to think of your Mom stealing something at a Walmart and not including you in the escape plan...Good way to set an example for that kid....

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