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Friday, July 6, 2012

There Is No Excuse for Still Being Infected with DNS | PCWorld"

There Is No Excuse for Still Being Infected with DNSChanger | PCWorld Business Center

MalwareThe FBI estimates that as many as 275,000 PCs are still at risk of the Internet on Monday when it pulls the plug on the DNS servers it has maintained to redirect PCs compromised with the DNSChanger malware to legitimate websites. Seriously? How much warning do people need?
Imagine you’re driving down a highway, and you see a sign on the side of the road that announced the road is closed in 10 miles, and directs you to exit onto an alternate route. Then, that same sign pops up at nine miles, eight miles, seven, six, and five miles. Then, for those who still don’t get it the sign appears every hundred yards for the remaining five miles. It’s hard to muster any sympathy for the vehicles that ignore all the signs and end up crashing when they get to the end of the road.
There's no excuse for still being compromised by DNSChanger at this point.For starters, this is not a new threat. The DNSChanger malware itself dates back to 2007. It has been eight months since the FBI rounded up the cybercriminals behind the malware, and redirected traffic from compromised machines using surrogate DNS servers. It’s been more than two months since the FBI--and virtually every media outlet in the world--stepped up the campaign to warn people that the DNSChanger servers will be shut down on July 9th.

Comment ....I don't know too much about this malware. I heard the FBI was going to do this on the 9th of July. The time is near...Kind of reminds me of the year 2000 scare when they said all the VCRs wouldn't work after midnight..Remember that fiasco? I do know the FBI will shut down movie servers around the world for copyright infringement..Its weird when that happens and you have to find another place to download a movie..It takes me at least 5 minutes to do that...My question is, if I could find someone who really knows to ask it too, would be. How about all the cash registers and motor vehicle computers? How about all the electrical power grids in the country that depend on a computer and if you really think about it everything in one way or another works by a computer. Does this mean just personal computers? OMG I could go on and on...Guess we will have to wait and see...

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